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 title belt meatballs / 10

our bacon and pork meatballs, slowly smoked and basted with spiked carolina ‘cue

crab and shrimp cakes / 14

shrimp and crab meat, sweet peppers, grained mustard, breaded and pan fried, with green tomato relish, all star tartar sauce

 potato pancakes & bacon jam / 13

crispy potato pancakes, red-wine apple butter, bacon jam, crème’ fresh, herb salad

house-made pierogi / 12

stuffed with house-made farmer’s cheese, pan-fried in butter with apples and bacon, green onion, grained mustard, crispy fried onion

smoked wings / 11

hardwood-smoked chicken wings, with garlic butter, cayenne and spices, smoked blue cheese dressing, pickled carrot, celery kimchi

 piggy pipe bombs / 14

twin banana peppers stuffed with pulled pork, bacon, ricotta and cheddar, and live-fire roasted, with queso blanco, chowchow relish


gangstarr / 18

with house sausage, capicola, salami, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, honey and cracked pepper

notorious p.i.g / 19

with smoked pork, sliced meatball, bacon, chorizo sausage, pepperoni, capicola with kimchi, spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella, house-pickled jalapeño, shaved red onion with
carolina ‘cue sauce, dill pickles

farmstand pizza / 17

with corn, roasted red peppers, zucchini, summer squash, kalamata olive, tomato, red onion, tomato sauce, cotija and mozzarella cheese, fresh herbs

chicken and spinach pizza / 18

chicken and spinach with olive oil, roasted garlic cloves, pulled chicken, sautéed onion, spinach, parmigiano-reggiano and provolone cheese

snoop foggy fog / 18

with roasted wild mushrooms, crunchy hemp seed, spinach, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, pickled onion, smoked mozzarella, roasted tomato and humbolt fog goat cheese

cheese pizza / 15

with tomato-basil sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese

additional toppings / 1 per

wild mushrooms, tomato, pepperoni, green olives, black olives, spinach, onions, jalapeños, pickled onion, bacon, roasted red pepper, chicken, chorizo, pulled pork, soppressata, capicola, pepperoni, cauliflower, white anchovy, blue cheese, goat cheese,
extra cheese — vegan cheese/2, gluten-free crust/3

salad (small / big)

add pulled chicken/5, pulled pork/5, grilled shrimp/9, carved filet/8, or thick-cut bacon/5

 this little salad / 9 / 14

mixed greens, cucumber, roasted corn and tomatoes, sunflower seeds, pickled onion, crouton, cotija cheese, lemon-dijon vinaigrette

over-dressed caesar salad / 8 / 13

baby romaine, crouton, black pepper, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, house caesar dressing

shaved brussel sprout salad / 9 / 14

with spiced almonds, dried cranberry, goat cheese, pickled red onion, diced butternut squash, orange-roasted shallot vinaigrette

braised beet and goat cheese salad / 14

with shaved citrus-braised beets, radish, goat cheese, arugula, pickled red onions, orange-roasted shallot vinaigrette


house french fries / 7

with dill, malt vinegar, sea salt, garlic aioli

 roasted fall vegetables with bacon / 7

roasted brussels sprouts, root vegetables, bacon, candied almonds, and parmigiana-reggiano cheese

 our mac and cheese / 8

with pulled pork, kansas city bbq sauce, four cheeses, crispy onions

 braised mustard greens & butter beans / 8


braised smoked ham hock, cider vinegar, butter, butter beans
add pulled chicken/5, pulled pork/5, grilled shrimp/9 or thick-cut bacon/5


 rosemary roasted chicken breast / 22

pan-roasted chicken breast, rosemary, garlic, thyme and lemon over sautéed autumn vegetables, edamame, grains, wild mushrooms, herb and tomato salad

lobster and shrimp with succotash risotto / 29

arborio rice simmered with sweet potato, carrot, corn and soy, sautéed shrimp and lobster, tomato confit, parmigiano-reggiano cheese

lake superior walleye / 27

with a roasted corn flour fillet, corn and sweet potato crema’, roasted autumn vegetable, spinach and hominy salpicon, sumac beurre blanc

big bad rib eye steak / 29

16oz USDA top choice, house cut and selected rib eye steak with roasted garlic and bacon jam, mashed potato and sautee’ autumn vegetables

pork and pierogi / 24

slow-smoked pulled pork, caramelized onion, whole roasted garlic cloves, bacon, braised mustard greens, tomatoes, house-made farmer’s cheese pierogi in chicken jus

the cheeseburger / 16

Kindred Kreek farm-raised beef grilled, topped with pimento cheese, crispy fried pickles, house bacon, red eye ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh-cut french fries

beyond big mack / 16

two vegetarian Beyond Meat patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun with our fries — available vegan upon request

4401 transit road, williamsville, ny 14221 / 716.580.7872
dinner : tuesday-saturday, 4pm – 11pm / sunday brunch: 10am – 2pm/ sunday dinner 4pm-9pm